Essential oils are the essence or "soul" of a plant, offering both healing and pleasure when inhaled or used on the skin. unlike synthetic fragrances, essential oils smell beautiful while also nurturing us on a biological level. 

Essential oils have chemical constituents that are proven to interact on a cellular level for human health and healing. The art of using them in appropriate doses and synergistic blends for energetic and physical healing is "aromatherapy", which can add tremendous benefits to your life.

extracting essential oils

Essential oils are extracted through a variety of methods that in effect "de-emulsify" its components, separating the water and oils from the plant matter.

The most common method today is steam distillation, whereby the botanical matter is placed in a chamber above boiling water to create and capture its steam. The steam then moves through a cooling chamber and during the cooling process, the water and oil within the steam are separated. The water in this process is the "hydrosol" product and the oil is the "essential oil". Both the hydrosol and essential oil are used for enjoyment and healing.

Other methods of essential oil extraction include cold pressing, such as for citrus fruit rinds; and enfleurage, the imprinting of scent into fats or oils. The plant part used for its essential oil will vary, from seeds and grasses, to leaves, bark, herbs, fruits, rinds and resins.